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Lisa Ozur, a youthful Los Angeles native and Suzie Hart, a seasoned New York native combine perspectives and energies to create a unique marketing opportunity for the ever changing fashion industry.


We are just two girls, well actually two best friends who have been looking for a hip, comfortable way to make a living. We want to surround ourselves with good people, have a positive work environment and hopefully make a little money along the way. We each have over 20 years experience in the fashion industry working in sales and merchandising for companies such as Democracy and Votre Nom.

We don't mind hard work, we don't mind travel, and we LOVE clothes, accessories and home accents.


We look out for customers, our manufacturer's best interests, we are up-front, involved, honest, strong and relationship driven. It is all about the long run to us! This is not just our business, it is our passion!

Our showroom is called "Niche" because we believe we have created one within the industry for ourselves and our customers. We are focused upon being modern and on trend, eclectic and interesting, saleable and wearable, comfortable and accommodating.



4 Our Dreamers
4 Our Dreamers

4Our Dreamers is the ultimate laid back collection. Designed in Los Angeles it is inspired by the California-chic lifestyle that is all about comfort and sophistication, while keeping it casual and cool. Best known for easy to wear pieces in super softs linens, gauzes, tencels and cotton blends they dream big with changing colors and prints in classic and favorite silhouettes.

Billy T
Billy T

Fun. Strong. Sexy. Sure. Looks good in any light. Stands for something, always. Brilliant, without being pretentious about it. That's who you are. And that's who Billy T is. We design and produce clothing that lets you be you. Because if you feel as beautiful as you are, everything is possible, every day is better, every experience is richer. So let's walk the walk, together. Billy T. It's what you wear.

Brave and True
Brave and True

Made for every day, every night, every age, every style, every size, every occasion and every woman. Inspired by all the exceptional women in our world who are trying to balance their daily responsibilities and still feel beautiful, confident and supported. The notion of everywoman underscores our commitment to individual pieces that make stylish statements but with an understanding that versatility and comfort are key. We have aimed for the perfect mix of glamorous, and practical pieces!


Influenced by the essence of travel and discovery, Holiday is designed to embody free spirited style. The collections always encompass a number of options perfect for slipping over your bikini, must have day dresses, tops, and stunning kaftans and maxis to take you from beach to bar.


While Lysse has evolved into a modern collection of wardrobe GO-TO's we still live by what inspired our first pair of leggings. FIT. FABRIC. FASHION. It's at the core of everything we design. Timeless investment pieces that just work. Easy to care for flattering & fashionable…With that extra special something that is our little secret! It's not about age. It's not about size. It's about living. In Lysse.


A luxurious collection filled with handworked pieces, artisan fabrics, stunning linens, and natural fibers. Effortless, sustainable, unique and relaxed...but with chic styling for a sophisticated wardrobe must have.

Suzy D London
Suzy D London

Suzy D London aimed at women of all ages who love fashion, and want to look and feel great. Combining high quality fabrics with affordable pricing, the ‘Suzy D London’ label is designed in London and manufactured in Italy. With great items that color multiply for maximizing success the brand has become known for great fitting item bottoms, soft luxurious t-shirts, easy linen lifestyle pieces, and item jackets to go with everything.


Color – it’s in everything you do, shapes your every mood, tells the world “I’m alive, watch me shine!” That’s how WASH LAB was born, from the desire to make clothing that celebrates the inspiration that color gives us. WASH LAB. Color your life.

Zaket & Plover
Zaket & Plover

Zaket & Plover has become a leading Australian luxury knitwear label. A family business run with passion, strength, experience and knowledge every style is designed with Zaket & Plover's core values in mind: great quality, sustainable luxury, and a competitive price point. Designed from a love of fun and novelty knits the bright colors of Zaket & Plover are meant to inspire and ignite.



Las Vegas-Project Womens

Aug 9th-11th

Los Angeles Market

March 8th-10th

June 14th-16th

Aug 2nd-4th

Oct 11th-13th

San Mateo

Feb 24th-26th 

April 11th-13th

June 27th-29th

Aug 22nd-24th

Oct 17th-19th


Sept. 19th-21st

Portland- Trend 

March 13th-15th

Sept 11th-15th

Denver & Glenwood Springs CO

March 29th- April 2nd